Part 7: Key personnel

Local Implementing Partners – includes in-country Program Directors, Leadership, and Support Staff who run the day-to-day aspects of the program, from recruitment to training to placement to M&E

NetHope Academy Internship Program Manager – manages the overall program and partnerships, facilitates the onboarding of new partners and countries, trains in-country team, works with in-country government, employers and technology partners to build local program, coordinates partnerships with tech partners, manages internal NetHope Academy Internship Program team, manages donor communications/reporting

NetHope Senior Leadership – provides program oversight, participates in initial visits to secure implementing partners

Trainers – locally based experts are responsible for technical and soft skills training sessions

Mentors at Host Employer Organizations – advise interns throughout the internship period; every young employee (and intern) needs a “coach” in the organization who will take an active interest in their professional development

Accenture Development Partnerships Team – used during inception and initial scale of program to Africa

  • Program Manager – performed above program manager activities prior to NetHope hiring a Program Manager and managed ADP team
  • Learning Manager/Subject Matter Expert – developed learning objectives, curriculum, Learning Management System (LMS) vendor analysis, and LMS setup)
  • Database Consultant – created KPIs, responsible for database design and implementation
  • Financial Services Experts – senior manager and strategy consultant developed the student loan program and conducted all outreach with local Monetary Financial Institutions in Kenya

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