The NetHope Academy Internship Program

The NetHope Academy Internship Program

Finding employment for new tech workers and creating entrepreneurs around the world.

Part 1: Overview

The NetHope Academy Internship Program was initiated in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. The primary need at the time was to provide talented IT resources to NetHope member NGOs who were working in the region and had a dire need for additional technical support in the aftermath of this crisis. NetHope provided technical training, soft skills training, and on-the-job training via internships at host organizations. While many of the host organizations have been NetHope members, many are not. Banks, Internet Service Providers, Mobile Network Operators, other large companies, consulting firms, technology vendors, and various government programs have hosted interns and, in turn, offered them full-time positions.    

After the initial success in Haiti, NetHope was awarded funding from the Accenture Foundation to scale the program in sub-Saharan Africa and successively launched programs in Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Ghana, India, Egypt, and Liberia.

The goal is for graduates to find employment (including entrepreneurship) within 90 days of completing the NetHope Academy Internship Program and for employers to have access to entry level IT professionals who have received that extra bit of polish between their formal education and their first job.

Note: For comprehensive, detailed information about this program, please reference “The NetHope Academy Internship Program Playbook” in the Supplemental Documents section.

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