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When multiple NetHope Members, Sponsors or other stakeholders have the same need around the same time, it is beneficial to form an IDEA Journey Coalition. Here are some ideas of coalitions that could move forward, based on the collective needs we are seeing across the membership at this time: 

  • Donor reporting (particularly institutional donors)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Disaster response
  • Beneficiary referral
  • Geographic (e.g. Yumbe in Northern Uganda)
  • Data collection and hygiene

See below for submitted IDEA Journeys and how to sign up.

Here are some benefits of a coalition:

  • Less resources needed: Coalitions need less resources than if each organization were to do the same work independently.
  • More reach: Because coalitions are composed of organizations serving different constituents, they collectively reach more people together.
  • Greater scope: Coalitions have the capability to accomplish objectives that are beyond the scope of any single organization.
  • Credible: Coalitions have typically more credibility than individual organizations.
  • Sharing information: Coalitions are great forums to share information that otherwise could be missed by organizations operating alone.
  • Broad input: Coalitions allow to provide a broad range of input, experience and advise typically not available to a single organization.
  • Personal satisfaction: people who participate in coalitions often gain a sense of purpose which can help them understand their job with a broader perspective.
  • Cooperation: Coalitions can foster cooperation between grassroot organizations, people and communities, the private sector, governments and a diverse ecosystem of stakeholder groups.

To submit a topic for an IDEA Coalition, please fill in the IDEA Journey Coalition Proposal form.

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Currently, the following ideas have been submitted
Expressions of interest are welcome:


Topic: Safeguarding

Proposed by: Catholic Relief Services | Contact: Stephen Hellen | Timeframe for Expression if Interest: TBD

Topic description: 
This IDEA Journey is focused on beneficiary safeguarding and feedback.  Currently the Humantarian aid sector's processes and tools are scattered and ripe for both digitization and rethink of the overall approach. This is common among many NetHope members and an excellent candidate for an IDEA Coalition.

Expressions of Interest (the following organizations have expressed an interest in this coalition):

  • CRS
  • Wipfli
  • myProteus

Use this link to submit your expression of interest for Safeguarding

Topic: Frontline Humanitarian Logistics

Proposed by: Oxfam | Contact: Mike Smith | Timeframe for Expression if Interest: TBD

Topic description: 
Frontline Supply and Logistics is a critical technology capability that is required for Humanitarian emergency operations. Please review the detailed proposal document from Oxfam. Also of interest may be Mike's Nethope European Chapter Presentation. Additionall information is available here

Expressions of Interest (the following organizations have expressed an interest in this coalition):

  • Oxfam
  • Microsoft
  • GOAL International
  • Marie Stopes International
  • Oracle NetSuite Social Impact
  • Wipfli
  • Concern Worldwide
  • International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies
  • Save the Children
  • Action contre La Faim
  • British Red Cross
  • Catholic Relief Services
  • Danish Refugee Council
  • FHI 360
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Humanity and Inclusion / Handicap Inernational
  • International Medical Corps
  • International Committee of the Red Cross
  • International Rescue Committee
  • Islamic Relief
  • Medair
  • Mercy Ships
  • Norwegian Refugee Council
  • Path
  • Plan
  • Royal National Lifeboat Institution
  • Team Rubicon

Use this link* to submit your expression of interest for Frontline Humanitarian Logistics

Topic: Dollars to Outcomes

How to link the core financials of your organization to your Monitoring & Evaluation commitments and your theory of change.

Proposed by: Oracle NetSuite Social Impact | ContactKate Daniels | Timeframe for Expression if Interest: TBD

Topic description: 
It is often the case that M&E, Finance, Fundraising/ Resource Development and Program leaders sit in different offices and operate in siloes.  The 21st century demands of international donors, foundations and other investors in the mission require better coordination between these disciplines.  Only by leveraging core financials can an organization say something meaningful about the effect of program activities to outputs, outcomes and impact. 

For the Dollars to Outcomes IDEA Journey Imagine session, we want to stimulate thinking around each organizations’ (there may be up to 5) data universe:  from fundraising, to program design to program M&E to Grants Management to Financial reporting to HR, logistics, supply chain management, etc.  We know that one of the critical challenges members face is around marrying / unifying the data used by fundraising/ program/ finance.  And often, these departments rely on different systems to manage their data:  Finance may use NetSuite, Program M&E may use Amp Impact from Vera Solutions, Fundraising may use Salesforce, etc.  And unless there have been connectors or integrations built between the systems, the data exist in solitude, useful only to the department managing it and divorced from the data housed by other departments.  This condition is common.  And it prevents a serious union of financial with program data, which would enable an organization to say something meaningful about its Dollars to Outcomes performance.

We want orgs to bring their universe of data needs, data management tools (whatever they are) and aspiration to think broadly about how to better link their data universe, enabling a situation in which they can robustly talk about and report on how dollars are spent, toward which programs, to achieve which outcomes (change over time).

In this two-day session, we invite NetHope members to come armed with their financials and M&E commitments, enabling a workshop linking dollars spent to outcomes achieved.  By marrying these two forms of public information and equipping nonprofit leaders with the tools to manage M&E and finance in tandem, we will offer NetHope members the ability to communicate meaning from the relationship between financial and program results. 

Expressions of Interest (the following organizations have expressed an interest in this coalition):

  • Oracle NetSuite Social Impact
  • Wipfli

Event Details:

  • 2 days; Supported by Oracle NetSuite Social Impact
  • Located in the city nearest to the majority of registrant organizations
  • Participant meals and meeting venue provided
  • Ideal number of organizations: 4
  • Led by NetHope, Design thinking experts from Wipfli 

Use this link to submit your expression of interest for Dollars to Outcomes

Topic: Disaster Response Collaborative - Drone Imagery DataHub

Proposed by: Microsoft Tech for Social Impact | ContactCameron Birge Timeframe for Expression if Interest: Closed

Topic description:
Work with industry leaders to provide an end-to-end nonprofit drone management hub and ecosystem of developers and patterns. Hub will  include templates, connectors and alignment to the nonprofit Common Data Model.  Will support mapping, flight planning, damage assessment and identification of people in need while utilizing a common data standard to ease information exchange between response organizations.

Deadline for Expression of Interest: Closed for Imagine Phase.  Please reach out if you have interest in being involved in later phases.

Expressions of Interest (the following organizations have expressed an interest in this coalition):

  • Accenture Development Partnerships
  • Team Rubicon
  • American Red Cross
  • Major Ivy League University
  • Multiple Major Government Agencies

Use this link to submit your expression of interest for Drone Imagery DataHub

To submit an idea for an additional topic, fill in the IDEA Journey Coalition Proposal form

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