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NetHope and its member organizations are monitoring the impact COVID-19 is having on our collective work. As our valued membership innovate and develop solutions to overcome challenges faced by COVID-19, we encourage a shared awareness so we can all learn from each other in this time of need.

Please take note: As you prepare and submit your data please bear in mind that the better the data that goes in, the better the data that comes out. If you need any guidance in submitting your data, feel free to contact Damian Stafford-Shaw.

What is a COVID-19 NetHope Member Intervention Post?

Minimum requirements to post a new COVID-19 Intervention:

Optional elements:

Access and security:

Based on owner request, a NetHope Solutions Center Initiative or Member Group page can be open to the public at large; protected with a password; require NetHope Solutions Center registration and login and available to NetHope members only.

Tracking and Traffic Analysis:

Optional: User visits, click-through activity and document downloads can be tracked and reported.


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