What is a NetHope Member Group?

​NetHope Member Groups come in two flavors: (1) Working Groups focused on a specific topic important to our members or (2) NetHope Chapters, convening members in various regions around the world. A landing page for these groups have the following purposes:

Minimum requirements to start a new Member Group Page:

Optional elements:

Automated NetHope Solutions Center content indexing and listing:

Existing and future NetHope Solutions Center content can/will be categorized to automatically appear on your Member Group Page. Such content includes:

Access and security:

Based on owner request, a NetHope Solutions Center Member Group page can be open to the public at large; protected with a password; require NetHope Solutions Center registration and login; or available to NetHope members only.

Tracking and Traffic Analysis:

Optional: User visits, click-through activity and document downloads can be tracked and reported.


Let's Get Started!

Once you have submitted the request form, the NetHope Solutions Center editorial team will be notified and will contact you when the initial version of the Member Group Page has been published

You can supplement the instructions in the form by emailing solutions.center@nethope.org with further instructions as well as documents you would like to have uploaded to the NetHope Solutions Center. Links to these can appear in-line with the text on your page.

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