Frontline Humanitarian Logistics

Frontline Humanitarian Logistics

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NetHope, a consortium of nearly 60 leading global non-profits, unites with technology companies and funding partners to design, fund, implement, adapt, and scale innovative approaches to solve development, humanitarian, and conservation challenges.

NetHope Field Operations (NHFO) leads the organization's Emergency Preparedness and Response activities and Connectivity and Infrastructure programs in support of its members. If required, NHFO also provides response capacity and NGO coordination to the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster during times of emergency.

Through strong partnerships and collaboration with our member organizations, NetHope provides life-saving information and communications technology (ICT), and energy solutions, especially geared toward sustainable energy sources, to the wider humanitarian aid community, augmenting preparation and response capacity during emergencies.

For additional details on NetHope's projects outcomes please review the list of our IMPLEMENTATION GUIDES

NetHope Members enjoy special access to working groups, program ideas, regional NetHope chapters, technology discounts, member representatives lists and more. For an overview of NetHope Member benefits we recommend reviewing the welcome page.

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