The 2017 NLG EdTech Summit

The 2017 NLG EdTech Summit

NetHope, along with World Vision and Microsoft, are sponsors of the first No Lost Generation Education Technology (NLG EdTech) Summit, focusing on Syrian children and youth. The Summit which will take place in Amman, Jordan on the 1st & 2nd March 2017.

Nearly six years since the start of the Syria crisis, the proportion of Syrian children out of school has tripled. Last school year (2014 - 2015), 40% of Syrian children in Syria and the surrounding countries were not enrolled in formal education. Many Syrian children have never had the opportunity to attend school and those in school are at risk of dropping out. Syrian children are being deprived of their childhood and their futures.

There are many initiatives taking place that seek to address refugee education challenges through the use of technology and the Syria response presents us with opportunities to contextualize and scale some of those solutions. The NLG EdTech Summit aims to showcase and brainstorm technology solutions to the education and skills challenges caused by the crisis in Syria. The NLG EdTech Summit will look at the ways to move EdTech initiatives forward through evidence-based action planning and seed funding.

Register for NLG EdTech Summit on the event website and NetHope members can learn more about the No Lost Generation Initiative and the upcoming NLGEdTech Summit by watching the recording of an exclusive NetHope Solutions Center webinar with Mark Chapple from World Vision Syria Response (at the 20 min mark).

Read, World Vision's press release for the 2017 NLG EdTech Summit here.

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