NetHope Workshop at AI For Good Global Summit at the UN in Geneva

NetHope Workshop at AI For Good Global Summit at the UN in Geneva

Workshop Title: Learn how to apply AI to solve some of society’s biggest challenges

Workshop objective: Learn about current applications of AI in social sector and how to incorporate AI into your programs and projects, from understanding how to frame a problem for AI and get your data in order to how to resource your team and have the right processes in place.

Intended Audience (total 40-50): Primary: Representatives of UN and NGO agencies. Secondary: Technology experts including companies and academia (30% of the participants).

Workshop is designed to address the following needs of the social sector:

  • Sharing of the current use cases and lesson learned.
  • Knowledge about what AI/ML can do today and processes for evaluating whether AI/ML is the right solution for UN: NGO agencies’ work.
  • Expertise in how to frame societal problems for AI/ML and turn ideas into sustainable solutions and programs.

Presentation Slides

❯❯❯ Access and download a pdf copy of the presentation slides.


Leila Toplic, Workshop host, Lead for the Emerging Technologies at NetHope

Aubra Anthony, Strategy & Research Lead, Center for Digital Development, USAID

Fei Fang, Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Cyrill Glockner, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

Bo Percival, Innovations Lead, Skills and Opportunities for Youth Employment & Entrepreneurship, Plan International

Kush Varshney, Founding Co-Director, IBM Science for Social Good Initiative, IBM

Additional AI / AI for Good experts supporting the hands-on segment:

Stephen Hellen, Director for ICT4D & GIS, Catholic Relief Services

Workshop Agenda

❯❯❯ Access and download a pdf copy of this agenda.

Workshop segments


Speakers/ Expert Support

Introductions and workshop purpose

09:00 - 09:15

Host: Leila Toplic, NetHope

All attendees

AI primer: AI capabilities and use cases, ethical considerations, tools

09:15 – 9:45


Aubra Anthony, USAID

Cyrill Glockner, Microsoft


How to incorporate AI into social impact work, from defining the opportunity and evaluating data and bias, to resourcing, implementing, and maintaining AI-based solutions.09:45 - 10:00Leila Toplic


Part 1: Examine first case study to deconstruct an AI application from how the problem was defined through to deployment. Tessa Chatbot, connecting marginalized youth with economic opportunities.


10:00 – 10:30

Bo Percival, Plan International

Coffee break




Part 2: Examine second case study to deconstruct an AI application from how the problem was defined through to deployment. Protection Assistant for Wildlife Security.



Fei Fang, Carnegie Melon University

Panel discussion with technologists,  partners, and funders about resources (including expertise, funding, tools, research), other use cases, and lessons learned.


Aubra Anthony, USAID

Cyrill Glockner, Microsoft

Kush Varshney, IBM


Identify an AI use case for each participant / team, frame the problem, identify data needs, domain expertise and a plan of action. Get support from SMEs.

Get lunch and bring back to room



Workshop pre-requisites - you should have:

  • Basic understanding of high level AI concepts and applications to the humanitarian and international development sectors (don’t worry if this is new, we’ll provide material to get up to speed beforehand)
  • Some knowledge of a current or upcoming field program in your organization that may have benefit from AI / ML. Please review this McKinsey study for background on the AI capabilities and examples of use cases.

If you have any questions, contact Leila Toplic.

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