UAV days at Hans Christian Andersen Airport

UAV days at Hans Christian Andersen Airport

As a pre-event to the NetHope Global Summit 2015, a UAV/UAS (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/Unmanned Aerial System) training event will be offered in Odense, Denmark during the dates of October 30th to November 1, 2015. The event is organized by:

  • UAS Test Center Denmark
  • UN Denmark
  • Danoffice IT
  • The NetHope UAV Working Group

The all-inclusive 3-day event will cost €800 per person (Transportation, room and board, UAV Academy training certification included). Use this link to sign up and pay for tickets for the event, the event will be open to a maximum of 50 participants.  Once signed up for the event an email with additional details about the event, transportation and other practical information will be send.

Transport to Odense from Copenhagen is at the cost of the individual participants whereas the organizers cover all transportation during the event.  

For questions or assistance arranging transportation to Odense, use the journey planner on DSB or conact Jesper Pedersen (; + 45 40 87 56 40).

UAS Workshops Description:

UAVs is presenting a new perspective for data collection. The workshop is tailored to give the participants a hands-on experience with different UAV systems, current and future UAV applications available enabling faster and more accurate decision-making. During the workshops, participants will have a unique chance to test and operate different UAV systems and at the same time confer with some of the supporting technologies designed towards data collection/analysis within disaster management, program development and execution and finally ecosystem and conservation.   

Workshop 1. The UAV Technology - What are the different types of UAVs? Why, how to decide on the right UAV platform?

This workshop will focus on giving the participants an insight in the UAV technology, as well as a general idea of the different types of UAVs available today, including tools to better evaluate quality, autonomy and price before purchasing an UAV.

Workshop 2. Utilizing UAVs for post, past and during a disaster effort  

Increasing deployment of UAVs by humanitarian agencies poses both an opportunity to generate and control new sources of spatially specific high-resolution imagery, and an increasing “big data” problem related to imagery management, processing and analysis. Esri’s ArcGIS Online (AGOL), already broadly used by a significant number of NGOs and other humanitarian agencies, is the leading platform for spatial data management, sharing and analysis. Participants in the UAV workshop will learn from Esri’s imagery experts how to use AGOL to upload imagery captured by UAVs into a secure cloud-based data sharing environment. Once their imagery has been uploaded to AGOL participants will have a chance to practice the use of new online image processing techniques to extract essential data and to transform their raw imagery into shareable analytic work products. By loading imagery from multiple UAVs into a common instance of AGOL the workshop will also enable participants to practice the development of collaborative inter-agency data sharing workflows for deployment in humanitarian setting

UAVs Available is.: Huginn X1 Multi-rotor, Cumulus Fixed Wing, DJL Multi-Rotor and properly eBee  fixed wing UAV 

Workshop 3. Humanitarian UAVs Missions: From lessons learned to Best practices

This workshop will focus on lessons learned and best practices by drawing on real-world UAV deployments. The session will briefly introduce the Humanitarian UAV Network (UAViators) and then draw directly on recent UAV deployments in Haiti, Philippines, Vanuatu, Tanzania, Congo-Brazzaville, Guinea, Nepal, etc., to cover key lessons and best practices. The session will then highlight current and future opportunities as well as limitations. Finally, the session will conclude with a comprehensive review of the Humanitarian UAV Code of Conduct and Supporting Guidelines, an international initiative spearheaded by UAViators in collaboration with UN/OCHA, WFP, UNHCR, ICRC, Direct Relief and others. 

Workshop 4. UAV Applications for humanitarian settings, today and the future

This workshop will focus on giving the participants an insight into the most common UAV applications available today, and what the future might bring! 

Here is some of the Applications that will be demoed during the workshop:

Data collection for mapping,
Argiculture data collection, corps conditioning, lifestock monitoring  
Live video Streaming (Thermal/HD)
Counting algorytme

UAS Academy Description:

UAS Test Center Denmark offers one of Europe’s first endorsed training programs for UAV pilots. Through an intensive course, you can obtain a UAV certificate endorsed by the Danish Transport Authority Denmark , proving your skills as an UAV pilot.

The course includes lessons in:

  • Aviation safety
  • Aircraft knowledge
  • Deployment and flight procedures
  • Human factors
  • Air law
  • Aerodynamics and Principles of Flight
  • Flight Performance and Operational Planning
  • Operations Manual
  • Communication
  • Meteorology
  • Map reading
  • Deployment and flight procedures

For the agenda, additional information on the UAV Academy, Workshops and the organizers and the organizers see below.


About the Organizers:

UAS Test Center Denmark:
UAS Test Center Denmark is operated by Hans Christian Andersen Airport and located in the town of Odense. The airport offers several types and sizes of airspace for UAS test purposes as well as a UAS ground school. By July 2015 the test center has also been announced as the entity which approves commercial drone operators in the country on behalf of the transport authorities.

UAS Test Center Denmark also hosts the national industry network, UAS Denmark, which has over 80 members and we receive new applications every week. The membership list is very diverse and fully represents the whole RPAS value chain. From developers, larger corporations, the large Danish research institutions to professional private and public user organizations, e.g. the Danish National Police, The National Emergency Management Agency, the Copenhagen Fire Brigade etc. Five of our current members are RPAS manufacturers.

UAS Denmark offers a range of networking and knowledge dissemination activities, and has since its recent establishment hosted more than 10 events at the Hans Christian Andersen Airport with national and international participants. We aim to promote our members through web sites, media etc. and develop a range of member benefits. More information:

UN Denmark
The UN City is located in Copenhagen, and consists of two campuses that combined houses nine United Nations agencies.  More information:

Danoffice IT
Danoffice IT provides professional and efficient IT & IS turnkey solutions to international organizations and businesses operating worldwide.

Danoffice IT offers a one-stop-shopping platform with an array of products, services and logistical solutions backed by professional and certified personnel ready to assist your HQ or local offices, anytime and anywhere. More information:

The NetHope UAV Working Group:
Established in 2014 by Andrew Schroeder the NetHope UAV Working Group aims to educate and collaborate on the use of UAV technologies for disaster recovery, international development and conservation. More information:

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