Technology can transform the way we solve the world’s toughest humanitarian problems.

Technology can transform the way we solve the world’s toughest humanitarian problems.


Pulling the future forward so that international nonprofits can do good better. 

Through collaboration, we bring together the expertise of the technology sector with the on-the-ground experience of nonprofits to create a foundation for forward-looking organizations to deliver aid, relieve suffering, and build hope. By providing the expertise, resources, tools, guidance, and grantmaking needed for digital transformation, the Center helps nonprofits achieve the efficiency of tomorrow today. The Center has the below three areas of focus.

Digital Nonprofit Ability (DNA)

In November 2017, NetHope launched the Digital Nonprofit Ability™ (DNA) Assessment. We use that information in multiple ways – from prioritizing next steps for The Center for the Digital Nonprofit, to providing members with invaluable feedback and guidance to inform their digital transformation journeys. The 2018 Digital Nonprofit Ability™ (DNA) assessment is closed. Individual analysis and advice have been sent to each survey respondent. The state of the sector is represented in the Digital Nonprofit Ability™ Assessment Whitepaper accessible on this download page.

Digital Nonprofit Skills (DNS)

The next tool offered through The Center for the Digital Nonprofit is the Digital Nonprofit Skills™ (DNS) Assessment which establishes a solid baseline for skills across roles and across organizations. NetHope and Humentum are joining forces to assist our members by collecting information about digital skills in your organizations. This information will help you evaluate and build the skills you need in your team and help The Center serve you better in the future.

Ideate, Deliver, Execute and Assess™ (IDEA)

The D3 v2 application is a “first come-first serve” opt-in application process, and the first 12 NetHope members who submit an application with all information and activities prescribed in the checklist will be selected. Access the application process for Microsoft Dream, Design, Deliver v2 (D3v2) here

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Transform your organizations’ personnel, and guide your talent management strategy into the digital age with this collection of tools created specifically for the NGO sector personnel; you will see us refer to this as the “people” pillar of the Center for the Digital Nonprofit.


Explore best practices for organizational processes and benchmarking. For the first time ever, track your digital progress alongside your NGO peers. 


Learn from your NGO peers about the most effective, readily-available technologies and how to implement them into your organization's digital strategy.

Microsoft has joined the initiative to scale impact as founding partner.

Okta has joined the initiative to scale impact as founding partner.

Blackbaud has joined the initiative to scale impact as founding partner.

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