Devices for Impact

The NetHope Devices for Impact program showcases projects and programs using internet-connected devices
for positive impact in humanitarian aid, international development, and conservation.

This searchable platform, launched in October 2017, is dedicated to collaboration between program managers, donors, technology providers, and interested partners to help these projects move closer to their goals.

Our first call for projects produced close to 100 responses from organizations working in locations around the world. Their efforts serve sectors including education, health, financial enablement, agriculture, and many others. We will continue to accept and post new applications on a rolling basis into 2018.

I’m an interested donor, technology provider or potential partner, and want to contribute. What do I do?

View the Devices for Impact project listings below. Filter projects by sector, geography and other attributes relevant to your interests. Each listing provides quick facts about the project and allows access to the full program description.

If your interest is piqued, you can take the next step: Contact the project manager directly for more information, and to inquire about collaboration possibilities.

We hope you discover interesting projects worthy of your support on the Devices for Impact project listings, and can make valuable connections that will lead to positive impact in the world.

I’m a NetHope member or other registered non-profit organization that would like to submit a proposal for the Devices for Impact program. How can I do that?

Any NetHope member or other non-profit who would like to submit an application for consideration should please fill in the online form.

If you have made a connection, whether that be a useful discussion, a partnership, or a funded project, please let us know by sending an email to the NetHope Solutions Center.  We look forward to hearing your feedback!

NetHope Devices for Impact project listings

The NetHope Devices for Impact project listings give visibility to the many worthy projects striving to achieve significant positive impact on efforts in humanitarian aid, international development, and conservation by facilitating the use of internet-connected devices. This platform will be dedicated to bringing together program managers, donors, and interested partners to help these projects move closer to their goals.


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