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The goal of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ethics for Nonprofits toolkit is to build capacity in the social impact sector to design, deploy and use AI responsibly and ethically.

This first installment of the AI Ethics for Nonprofits toolkit provides the materials you need to host an AI Ethics Workshop focused on the ethical considerations related to the principle of Fairness, including:

  • Facilitators Guide
  • Workshop deck
  • Supporting materials

In this workshop, participants will learn some of the fundamentals of AI ethics and then immediately get to practice applying ethical considerations related to the principle of Fairness in the context of several humanitarian and international development use cases. The workshop includes a significant practical segment because those of us in the nonprofit sector who are on point to conceptualize, build, manage, and deploy AI solutions need to know how to operationalize the ethical principles like Fairness.

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Below are the resources you will need in order to conduct your AI Ethics Workshop



Access and download the AI Ethics for Nonprofits Workshop: Facilitator Guide.



Access and download the AI Ethics for Nonprofits Workshop master slide deck (MS PowerPoint file).



Access and download:

  1. AI Ethics Workshop Case Studies
  2. Key AI Ethics Concepts
  3. Example Miro board for workshop breakouts
  4. AI/ML Terms and Definitions

As you start using this toolkit to guide conversations and projects in your organizations, we invite you to share with us your feedback on the toolkit materials and provide ideas for future installments, including other important AI ethics topics, questions, and use cases that are relevant for the nonprofit sector. Please email your ideas and suggestions to leila.toplic@nethope.org.


Development of the AI Ethics for Nonprofits toolkit was led by Leila Toplic and Nora Lindstrom from NetHope’s AI Working Group, in close collaboration with Amy Paul from USAID and Amit Gandhi and Kendra Leith from MIT D-Lab. We are grateful to USAID for the financial support provided for the development of the materials that are included in the toolkit. This toolkit benefited from the inputs from the representatives of NetHope’s AI Working Group and NGO sector, especially Steve Hellen (Catholic Relief Services), Bo Percival (Humanitarian OpenStreetMaps Team), and Paola Elefante (Plan International).


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