Accenture’s Response to the Refugee Crisis: Case Studies and Opportunities for Partnering

Vendor: NLG Tech Task Force

Start: Wed, Nov 15, 2017 11:00 AM
End: Wed, Nov 15, 2017 12:00 PM

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Join us for another NLG Tech Task Force webinar featuring programs that empower displaced populations to connect, learn, rebuild lives, and create more promising futures. This session showcases Accenture’s Response to the Refugee Crisis, with several examples.

Accenture has leveraged expertise and resources from throughout the company in its humanitarian efforts. For example: The company is providing consulting services to NGOs, governments, and foundations, with the goal to support those affected along the entire refugee journey. Accenture’s Corporate Citizenship team provides global giving, skills-to-succeed, and mentoring, as well as HR and recruitment solutions.

The webinar will feature two of Accenture’s nonprofit partners working to meet the needs of refugees in the United States and Finland. These are exemplars of the types of partnerships NLG Tech Task Force members may form with Accenture.

In the United States, Upwardly Global worked with Accenture to help refugees access community support, and learn much-needed skills. More than 550 refugees completed training and close to 300 found full-time employment.

In Finland, Accenture supported the Finnish Red Cross to start a “fast track employment” pilot project to recognize skills, and place refugees in roles with “on-the-job-learning.” So far, more than 1,550 skills and experience assessments have been done on asylum seekers, companies have conducted more than 650 on-the-job-learning sessions, and more than 110 have found jobs in Finland.

Key Takeaways for Attendees:

  • A guide to get started guide with Accenture’s Response to the Refugee Crisis;
  • Examples of how Accenture and partnering organizations are supporting refugees;
  • Opportunities to partner.


Leila Toplic, NLG Tech Task Force



Alper Yurder, Humanitarian Domain Lead, Accenture Development Partnerships

Wendy L. Chan, Business Strategy Senior Manager, Accenture Health & Public Service

Tomi Nummi, Nordic Lead, Accenture Development Partnerships

Allie Levinsky, National Director of Technical Assistance, Upwardly Global


Miska Keskinen, Project Manager, Finnish Red Cross



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