Spectrum-monitoring system is a leap forward for Liberia

  • Forrest Wilhoit, Africa Broadband Coordinator
  • August 21, 2017
Spectrum-monitoring system is a leap for

The Ebola crisis of 2014-2015 resulted in tragic loss of life across West Africa and caused massive global alarm. It also revealed the power of communications technology – and the significant problems that can result when communications networks fail during a crisis.

In Liberia’s national response to Ebola, the fragility of mobile voice and data networks became a serious impediment to emergency response and public health efforts. As the crisis deepened in that country, Mobile Network Operators and Internet Service Providers in particular experienced substantial losses in revenue, as many high-value customers scaled back or shut down completely. At the same time, operating costs, such as supplying petrol to mobile base stations, security personnel, equipment, and maintenance personnel, increased significantly. These losses led to a serious curtailment of critical communications services.

Identifying the current limitations
Following the Ebola crisis, a team of NetHope-led experts conducted a thorough review of the Liberian ICT sector...

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