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Solution Type: Mobile Data, Monitoring & Evaluation

Sectors: Health, Water & Sanitation

Platform: Android, Web

Hardware: Basic phone, Feature phone, Smartphone, Tablet, PC (Laptop)

Pricing: Other

Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) is a delicate process and extremely expensive. If it’s not done the right way, it won’t work. So what does it mean to do it “the right way”? Above all, IRS needs to be applied to a very specific set of households at a very specific time. But for the past several years, most IRS programs don’t even have access to maps showing which households need to be sprayed.

We need to ensure that the right insecticides are sprayed in the right amounts in the right households. That’s why Akros created mSpray, a suite of tools that puts IRS campaigns into efficiency overdrive. We need to stop thinking about the aspects of IRS as separate entities and recognize that, to be effective, we must do three things really well: Enumeration, Targeting, and the Spraying itself. mSpray can drastically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of an IRS campaign in your region.

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