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Remote Powered Building Solutions

Solution Type: IT Infrastructure (Connectivity, Security, Backup, Recovery)

Sectors: Education

Platform: Web, Windows

Hardware: Tablet, PC (Laptop)

Pricing: Transactional, Other

Transmission was globally standardised on AC power and until relatively recently has met our needs, in today’s world of computers and mobile phones, which require DC power, this method of transmission has become extremely inefficient. ELe cut out wasteful AC/DC conversion process with an innovative DC based power infrastructure and a new generation of low energy, DC powered devices including computers. ELe has removed all moving parts and inefficiencies in end-to-end DC power solution including battery storage. The solution uses high-powered DC electricity distributed in a safe and energy efficient manner over computer network cabling (Cat 5/6 Ethernet).

Partial or Fully Off Grid Cabin / Modular Building – this solution incorporating a flexible solar panel means a full facility including PC’s, lighting, air conditioning, mobile phone charging, electric mosquito killer and in the case of education, teaching equipment can be installed where there is no grid access. Other electronic devices such as ATM machines can also be powered. Importantly the ELe devices are designed to require less energy, reducing the energy generation demand. As the infrastructure uses Ethernet cables no non-approved devices can be plugged in.

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