NetHope Devices For Impact

As a follow-on to the NetHope 2017 Device Challenge project, the NetHope Devices for Impact program offers NetHope 2017 Device Challenge applicants, and others utilizing digital tools in their programs, a chance to provide maximum exposure to peer program groups, the technology sector, and donors to the good work that is being done and is yet to come. Through the NetHope Devices for Impact project listings below, our hope is that collaborations are formed, programs are funded, and the world is improved because of the information shared through this endeavor.

Should you want to submit a project for the Devices for Impact listing, please fill in the online form.

NetHope Devices for Impact project listings

The NetHope Devices for Impact project listings give visibility to the many worthy projects striving to achieve significant positive impact on efforts in humanitarian aid, international development, and conservation by facilitating the use of internet-connected devices. This platform will be dedicated to bringing together program managers, donors, and interested partners to help these projects move closer to their goals.

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