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As a NetHope member, you have chosen to embark on quite a journey – one that will transform and enhance the way you and your organization approach technology for social impact. And you won’t be going it alone. 

This page will walk you through everything you need to know about being a NetHope member – it serves as a starting point for new members and as a refresher for those seeking answers to frequently asked questions. 

We’ll cover all the bases, from our processes for interacting with one another, including the tools and resources now at your fingertips, to how to claim your exclusive technology benefits and pitch your program ideas.

Jump ahead to find quick answers to any of the following now:

Have questions as you go along? Ping our Membership Engagement Manager, Alexandra Alpert, here

Where do I start?

The NetHope Solutions Center is the primary hub for member communication and collaboration. To have complete access to the site and recap its full benefits, please take a moment to register yourself here, making sure to use your work email.

Please note that many destinations throughout the Solutions Center are only accessible by verified registrants. If additional members of your organization would like to access member-only content, they must register individually and log in with their unique credentials.

How do I communicate with NetHope and other members?


Powered by Yammer, the NetHope Collaboration Network is a great way to establish a community and collaborate around a particular topic or interest. They can be an adjunct to in-person meetings, or completely virtual. They can be for NetHope members only, or for the community at large. You can make them private or open to any Yammer user. You can post on the Yammer site, or interact exclusively through email. They are flexible and powerful, and a great way to establish and maintain collaboration with your colleagues around the world and throughout the year.

Joining the network is easy. Start here.


Communication from NetHope will primarily happen between our Membership Engagement Manager, Alexandra Alpert, and your organization’s assigned Primary Representative. This Primary Representative will be our main point of contact at your organization and will also represent your organization at all member votes. This Primary Representative may choose to assign a number of Secondary Representatives as well – as many as they wish.


We highly encourage you to enhance the value of your membership by inviting others from your organization to receive NetHope communications and participate in our initiatives, webinars and events. We welcome anyone within your organization who wants to get involved.

Invite your fellow team-members to participate with NetHope here.


NetHope members meet together regularly on the first Wednesday of every month, at 8AM PST. These meetings are extremely important, as they are one of our key opportunities to communicate with each other, discuss opportunities, and programs, and hear from other members.

Primary and Secondary Representatives will receive invitations to each meeting that include call-in information and an agenda. All member staff are welcome to attend, so please feel free to pass the invite along to anyone who might be interested.

There's also an in person member meeting each year at the NetHope Global Summit. Learn more about the Summit here.

Do you have a forum where I can start discussions?

Absolutely. We have one core platform specifically designed to facilitate productive discussions: the NetHope Collaboration Network (via Yammer). 

Whether you’re interested in engaging around a specific subject area, dialoguing with a particular, select group, you’ll be able to find exactly the forum you’re looking for or have the opportunity to start a new one. 

How do I share a program idea I have for NetHope?

We’ve developed a detailed process for generating, fielding, seeking funding for, and implementing program ideas. You can submit a proposal for a program idea here, and find more information on the process as well as all ideas currently under consideration on the Program Ideas page. [Note: you must be registered on the Solutions Center in order to view Program Ideas. Register here.]

How can I share my organization’s stories with other members and the broader NGO community?

Tell your story and showcase your successes with specific vendors and solutions by submitting blogs, case stories or resources for posting on the Solutions Center. Haven’t had time to write a blog or case story on your latest learnings? Our communications team is on hand to help you craft new material – just ask. If you’re looking for a more interactive approach, consider hosting a webinar. All content (webinars included) can be restricted to NetHope members only or open to the public. Submit or request content || Propose a webinar.

We're always happy to promote your latest news via social media as well. Be sure to stay connected via TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn

How do I claim my NetHope technology benefits?

NetHope offers members exclusive technology deals and discounts, pre-negotiated with technology providers. Find out all the details on the Technology Discounts Page. [Note: you must be registered on the Solutions Center in order to view Program Ideas. Register here.]

When will I meet with other members in person?


Each year, NetHope members meet face-to-face with fellow members, corporate partners, supporters and NetHope staff at the Global Summit. These Summits are one of our most engaging and exciting opportunities to explore how to use best technology for greater social impact.

Save the date: This year’s Summit will be in Vancuver, BC, Canada from October 23-27. More information to follow.

For a look at last year’s Summit, visit the Summit Web Page and review our past Agenda for presentation materials and speaker information.


Our European Members meet twice a year. The next meeting will be June 30-July 1, hosted by Norwegian Refugee Council.

There will be NetHope meeting of Latin American members in Bogotá, Colombia in June. Details to follow. 


Each year, a multitude of international NGOs join technology providers, donors and government officials from around the world at the ICT4D Conference

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