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Created under NetHope's cooperative agreement with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as the Global Broadband and Innovations (GBI) Alliance, the Payment Innovations project works in collaboration with the Global Development Lab's Digital Finance Team. The payment innovations project focuses on innovative technologies (i.e. low cost POS terminals, mobile money transfer and mobile financial services) in the payments sector, and promotes adoption of digital payments that can help development organizations worldwide streamline operational costs, provide improved access to financial services for program participants, and deliver aid in a more efficient, safe and transparent way while contributing to the build out of the digital marketplace. 

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By collaborating with the NGO, donor, and private sector to better understand how electronic payment solutions are being used in emerging markets, Payment Innovations is developing a number of resources that will help define best practices and other relevant information surrounding innovation in the payments sector. The following index categorizes resources in order to direct specific audiences to relevant information.  Some resources and tools are relevant to more than one audience, and may be seen in multiple tabs.

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