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The NetHope Leadership Institute (NHLI) is a professional development offering designed to build technology leadership skills within the nonprofit sector through a dynamic combination of seminars, a virtual speaker series, and curated content. Reflecting NetHope’s foundational belief that the nonprofit and private sectors can accomplish more by working together, NHLI offers CIOs and senior IT personnel access to technology leaders from a variety of disciplines to learn first-hand how these innovators have achieved greater impact within their organizations through the effective use of technology. The NetHope Leadership Institute is a key element in helping NGOs develop their technology leaders and reap the full benefits of the power of technology.

Nonprofits Need More Than Technology: They Need Capacity

Technology is a powerful tool, but its impact is only truly transformative when deeply aligned with the organization’s mission.  An effective technology strategy creates new opportunities for partnership, problem-solving, and results by combining smart technology choices with appropriate organizational, personnel, program and operational adaptation. Given that most CIOs and technology personnel do not direct these divisions inside their organizations, they need a variety of skills in order to envision and inspire change, build effective cross-group collaboration, develop shared-value partnerships, and communicate with a wide variety of audiences.  And like all executive leaders, they need to constantly cultivate, evaluate and practice these skills to move their organizations forward.

Most NGOs, though, do not have the resources to invest in executive education like their private sector counterparts.  Moreover, donors interested in greater impact are demanding rapid organizational change.  As a result, nonprofits are under tremendous pressure to evolve their technology strategies and operational models, but with few resources to do so.

The NetHope Leadership Institute addresses this gap.  Combining virtual, peer-to-peer, and in-person learning and collaboration opportunities, participants will have access to in-person seminars, carefully curated content, facilitated conversations, and cross-sectoral peer relationships that develop and strengthen leadership, change management, communication and strategic development skills.

Program design

The NetHope Leadership Institute will provide year-round learning opportunities in both formal and informal settings for participants, including:

  • Curated Content: Each month, NHLI will recommend leadership focused materials for program participants from a wide variety of sources. Working with the Leadership Curriculum Professional/Designer, content will complement themes from the in-person and online seminars and expose participants to a wide variety of perspectives.
  • Online Speaker Series: These 60-90 minute sessions will feature technology leaders from the private, academic, government and nonprofit sectors in facilitated, small-group discussions to share best practices in leadership development.  Leveraging video to build rapport, these sessions will allow participants to learn from their peers in other sectors. Program management will summarize key learnings from each session and share among all participants.
  • Executive Training Sessions: Curriculum and trainers will be leveraged from commercial service providers and partners. Initial offerings include sessions on Leading Change, Effective Communications, and Influencing Stakeholders. A Leadership Curriculum Designer/Professional will be retained for bi-annual reviews of current offerings to update and recommend additional seminars based on participant and member feedback. The first offering, the IT Leadership Challenge, is a highly competitive program designed to provide NetHope member CIOs and technology leaders with a unique five-month learning opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills by coming together to work through complex professional challenges. The projects pursued through the program are rooted in functional areas and applying technology solutions requires organizational support outside the IT department in fellows’ organizations. To learn more, click here.
Online Speaker Series Program Schedule

NetHope began testing this work in 2015 with overwhelmingly positive fedback. The broader schedule for CY2016 is in development, stay tuned for updates


Speaker Series Collateral and Recordings:
Recommended Reading

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