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The NetHope Emergency Response initiative aims to enable faster, better-coordinated responses to manmade and natural disasters by our member agencies. Initial assessments enable NetHope members to determine pressing ICT challenges as well as arrange how to best respond to the situation with NetHope member organizations, in the field as well as at headquarters.

NetHope also recognizes that data standards must be put in place to help facilitate collaboration and information sharing during disaster responses. The Open Humanitarian Initiative brings together the humanitarian community, the academic community, private sector, the digital volunteer community as well as the donor community around the concept of open data within the humanitarian sector. It also focuses on improving information management capacity within the humanitarian community and national governments in disaster-prone countries.

Recent Activities:

To listen to the recording of the NetHope Emergency Response Program Update on May 9th, 2016 covering NetHope's response to the refugee crisis in Turkey, Greece and Germany, please follow this link>>>

Follow the Yammer discussion:


For further information contacts Isaac Kwamy

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NetHope’s mission is to act as a catalyst for collaboration, bringing together the knowledge and power of the leading international humanitarian organizations so that the best information communication technology and practices can be used to serve people in the developing world.

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