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The NetHope Solutions Center is a space where NetHope members and the broader global development community can search, discover and compare the latest products & services from hundreds of different tech vendors -- all in one place. 

If you are a solution provider or vendor, we encourage you to register for a free vendor account to add your solutions to our inventory so they can be included in search results and seen by the hundreds of leading international development organizations that use the site to find solutions.


1) Register for a free Vendor account here, making sure to select "Vendor account."

All Vendor account registrations will be personally reviewed by our team and you should receive an account confirmation within 24 hours once your account has been activated.

2) Login to get started

Once your account has been activated, login to the NetHope Solutions Center with your account credentials.

3) Create and maintain your product listing(s) & share exclusive offers with NetHope members

Once logged in, navigate to Products | Add a Product to submit and maintain your product listing entries. Note: short and concise entries for the various product attributes will result in a high quality listing. All Product postings (and updates) will be personally reviewed by our editorial team and you will be notified within 24 hours of the status of your submission.

Interested in extending exclusive and confidential pricing to NetHope members? Use this form to share the details of your offer, and mail to once complete.

4) Post additional supporting content 

We strongly encourage vendors to consider submitting additional content to the NetHope Solutions Center to complement your solution listings and boost your presence. Blog entries and/or case studies could be generated from existing collateral or authored specifically for publication. If content references how NetHope members have benefitted, our editorial team would be happy to help write the content.

Any content posted will link back to all of your relevant product and solution listings.

Submit suggestions for blogs & case stories here.

5) Co-host a webinar

Have a great success story or use case you'd like to share with the world's leading NGOs? Co-hosting a webinar with a NetHope member or like-minded organization is a great way to reach our expansive community of NGOs representing more than 186 countries across the globe.

Pitch your webinar here. 


Contact Fredrik Winsnes, NetHope Director of Global Programs, at

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