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  • NetHope Middle East Chapter
  • Data Protection and Information Security
  • Crisis Informatics
  • Information about your Organization Survey
  • State of Nonprofit Digital Transformation (BETA)
  • The Center for the Digital Nonprofit™ Survey
  • NGO Reference Model
  • Digital Development Resource Center Dashboard
  • Digital Development Resource Center
  • ICT4D Webinar Series
  • Meraki Training for NetHope Members
  • Africa Chapter Meeting Resources
  • Data for Disaster Preparedness Project
  • NetHope North America Chapter
  • NetHope Latin America Chapter
  • NetHope European Chapter
  • NLG Tech Task Force
  • NetHope 2017 Device Challenge
  • NetHope Africa Chapter
  • CIO Challenge 2016
  • Summit 2017 Live Broadcast
  • The India ACCEPT Program
  • NetHope Members Representatives List
  • Introductions
  • Summit 2016 Live Broadcast
  • NetHope Collaboration Network Management
  • NetHope Collaboration Network (Yammer)
  • Geospatial Information Services
  • Welcome to NetHope
  • #ImpactCloud
  • NetHope Corporate Alliance Program
  • Sectors
  • The e-MITRA project
  • NetHope Solutions Center Webinars
  • Local Innovation
  • IT Leadership Challenge
  • CIO Challenge 2015
  • NetHope Leadership Institute
  • Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3)
  • 2015 ICT4D Conference: Increasing Impact Through Innovation
  • NetHope C&I Working Group (Membership Required)
  • M&E and Tech
  • Healthcare Working Group
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Social and Behavior Change Communication
  • e-Payments Toolkit
  • Payment Innovations

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NetHope Solutions Center: Our Mission

NetHope’s mission is to act as a catalyst for collaboration, bringing together the knowledge and power of the leading international humanitarian organizations so that the best information communication technology and practices can be used to serve people in the developing world.

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