Webinar Recap: The Payoff: A Story of Building Community

Author: NetHope Solutions Center | October 24, 2017

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Last month the Tableau Foundation joined the nonprofit, Feeding America, and data visualization consultancy, DecisionViz, for a NetHope Solutions Center webinar about the benefits of having a data-driven mindset in nonprofit-sector organizations.

Highlights include:

  • How Feeding America uses Tableau’s software to create insights, and drive action from, their research and data.
  • Feeding America’s ability to quickly assess and address hunger through data visualization.
  • The results of turning reams of data into actionable intelligence to better serve clients.
  • The benefits of building data analytics throughout a large network.
  • How data analytics can affect growth and transformation of nonprofits.
  • Using data-driven decisions to change the culture of an organization.
  • Showing how Tableau’s intuitive tools allow organizations to focus on actionable data, not the tool.
  • Proven techniques, based on brain research, to improve the visual impact of your data.
  • What research says about the effects of size and color in data visualization.

View the webinar recording that includes an extensive Q&A session:

A PDF of the presentation slides, and collateral material for The Payoff: A Story of Building Community can be found on the webinar landing page.

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