Digital Health Tools to Empower Women and Couples for Family Planning

Author: Health Communication Capacity Collaborative | October 26, 2017

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Smart Client and Smart Couple are digital health tools developed by the Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3). The tools provide users with entertaining content to help them become informed, empowered and confident users of family planning services and methods.

The Smart Client and Smart Couple tools consists of 17 voice calls, each of which includes different segments such as a drama, chats by the male and female hosts, a personal story and sample dialogue. The content is delivered via mobile phone using interactive voice response technology which allows users to select the content they want to hear by pressing keys on their phone keypad.

HC3 created a suite of resources for family planning projects to adopt and adapt Smart Client and Smart Couple:

Audio files are also available upon request.

This document includes the Smart Client and Smart Couple vision and objectives as well as details about the audience and behavioral objectives.

Available in English, French, Hausa, Yoruba, Pidgin.

Available in English, Hausa, Yoruba, Pidgin.

The Adaptation Guide is a key document for other programs interested in using the Smart Client and/or Smart Couple tools. The Guide provides tips based on the experiences of adapting Smart Client in Cote d’Ivoire and also from testing and studying the tools.

User studies were conducted in Kaduna, Nigeria to evaluate the effects of Smart Client and Smart Couple. Participants in the user studies had positive feedback about their experience. Furthermore, both tools had a significant positive impact on users' beliefs and intentions related to family planning. With Smart Client and Smart Couple, family planning counseling and methods are just a phone call away.

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